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Emergency Action Plan Assessment, Development and Integration

The Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is the one thing that everyone can turn to in the event of a threat situation. That is why it is so important that it actually works and is relevant to most situations. Developing an EAP is the one thing any organization can do to save lives and mitigate or reduce threats. Raidon Tactics Inc assesses relevant and realistic threats, develops the EAP and then integrates it with staff training, student awareness and local Law Enforcement departments. This is an ever-evolving process. Once the EAP is complete is the time to begin looking at new and emerging threats. Raidon Tactics Inc will coach and mentor your Security Force during the entire process so that once the EAP is complete, the Security Force can continue to mitigate emerging threats and situations.

Security Force Integration Training

Once an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is developed for your institute, an integration of your security force and the local Law enforcement is needed. Because of the disparity of training with each individual in the security force and the Local Law Enforcement depts. A common ground has to be found. Once that common ground is defined, the training needs to begin and Raidon Tactics Inc can fill the voids with our expert training. A Crisis Action Team can then handle all situations faced by the institute. This not only builds local community relationships that makes life better, it may actually save lives when a threat situation develops.

Local Law Enforcement Integration

The local Law Enforcement Department is the main force that will respond to a situation on your campus. Once the crisis has begun, is not the time to wonder what actual capability they have and if they are even qualified to intervene correctly. Raidon Tactics Inc is able to bridge the gap between the Local Law Enforcement and the Campus Security Personnel. Raidon Tactics Inc can produce a survey of your campus, inform the Local Law Enforcement, and then integrate your Emergency Action Plan into the actions and Standard Operating Procedures of the department for any situation.

Pre-Incident Facility Survey for Law Enforcement

When a threat situation arises, local Law Enforcement will need a place to conduct business and information that you may not have or time to collect and pass on. Our Facility Survey Products are prepared with threats in mind and how Law Enforcement utilizes it. These surveys are given to your local Law Enforcement Department and from there an integration plan can be completed. This allows the most efficient use of time, money and effort for your Emergency Action Plan (EAP) integration and risk assessment and mitigation.

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