Mi Defense and Raidon Tactics Inc. are offering a wide range of options for your K9 needs

Working dogs have been found to be a great asset and force multiplier. The Explosive detection dog in particular has grown in popularity over the last few years and has been proven to out perform anything manufactured by technology. In addition to providing the best canine partners possible, we also offer handler training and program set-up. Our company has the ability to come to your location, provide one on one instruction if desired, and through proven training methods refining your already functioning team to maximize utilization and results of your canine section. Our skilled staff is also available to help in the start up of a K9 program, decoy certifications and trials, testify as a Subject Matter Expert and conduct maintenance training.

Basic Handlers Course – 4 weeks

Handler Training - 20 Day Basic Multi-Purpose K-9 (MPC) Handler Course TSE-NRBL-700

This course of consists of practical instruction that will be taught both in the classroom and in the field. Students and Dogs will work day and night iterations through-out the course. They will be introduced to many distractors (gunfire, livestock, personnel, equipment, machinery, etc.) and stressors to make the handler think on his feet and apply the appropriate skill necessary to accomplish the given tasks. It will stress the K9 to team socialization and operating alongside one another.

Course includes the following training objectives:

  • Tracking/Trailing/Scouting in Urban and Rural Terrain
  • Detection
  • Tactical Obedience
  • Bite/Muzzle Work
  • Building Searches
  • Area Search: Personnel and Explosives
  • Health and Care of a Working Dog
  • Mounted and Dismounted Infiltration
  • Vehicle Searches
  • Scent Cone
  • Wind Scent
  • Odor Classes and Theory
  • Leash Control
  • Search Patterns
  • Drives and Instincts
  • Combat Mission Scenarios

25 Day Advanced Multi-Purpose K-9 (MPC) handler Course TSE-NRBL-800

The advanced K-9 handler course is designed for the handler that is already trained or has attended our basic course. It develops more advanced skills needed in the field, 90% of this course is in the field with both day and night training. Live fire training and advanced CQB and infiltration techniques are what separates this course from any other.

Course includes the following training objectives and tasks:

  • Off leash call off
  • Shooting and moving with the K-9
  • Close Quarters Battle with the K-9
  • Overland Movement
  • Small Unit Tactics with the K-9
  • Waterborne/small boat infiltration
  • Building climbing techniques
  • Rappelling
  • Fast Rope
  • Working around Aircraft
  • Vehicle Interdiction
  • Advanced SSE/road search/building search

Master Trainers Course – 16 weeks

Basic Decoy Course – 1 week

Advanced Decoy Course – 3 weeks

Problem Solving - Our trainers can assess and find solutions to problems you may be having with your existing working dogs in either a one on one setting or group education seminars.

Kennel Management - Raidon Tactics has on staff certified Master Trainers that can assist in managing your current K9 section. We can also help select and train personnel to perform this task for you.

Working Breed Puppies and Dogs - All of our working dog breeds come with full FCI or AKC credentials, APPDA assessment forms, and DNA certificates with four generations pedigrees. All of our working dogs are desensitized to gunfire and close in breaching noises.

  • German Shepherds
  • Dutch Shepherds
  • Belgian Malinois

Green Dogs

Pre-Selected dogs that possess the drives and traits to be trained for a desired task. All Green dogs have basic obedience and basic bite work training. All of our Green Dogs are American Protection and Patrol Dog Association (APPDA) assessed with the graded scores supplied to the client for further training and mission support.

Certified Dogs

Fully trained and certified dogs in the desired task needed.

Single Purpose K-9 - Single Purpose canines are trained to perform one task, be it detection, tracking, patrol work or protection. The single purpose canine has a limited role but excels in its trained area. These dogs are superbly trained for the specific tasks desired and are provided to the client along with Handler training to familiarize the team and get them working together for specific mission support.

Dual Purpose K-9 - A Dual-Purpose canine is a canine trained to perform multiple tasks but excels at two, usually patrol work and detection. Explosives and narcotics are the two most common but it can also be Arson or contraband which is a mixture of detection odors based on a specific need. Although called “Dual Purpose” many canines are also trained to track and conduct article searches for sensitive evidence based items. These dogs are superbly trained for the specific tasks desired and are provided to the client along with Handler training to familiarize the team and get them working together for specific mission support.

Multi Purpose K-9 - The Multi-Purpose Canine is a more advanced and technical trained canine by definition. It must be capable of performing a number of tasks, such as protection work, detection, multi surface tracking, article search, tactical applications with or without a verbal command in any environment. The canine must be able to work in stressful combat situations in a team setting and prove itself to be a battlefield multiplier. The canine must be immune to different team members and insertion methods. Having the ability and training to complete the mission given in a timely manner with little to no errors.

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