Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Courses

These are restricted to Emergency Services and Law Enforcement Agencies only.

Police Tactical Shotgun Course

This course develops basic skills that introduce the use of the Tactical Shotgun for service use as either a primary weapon or a backup system. This course uses many time driven and self-induced stress events to bring out the best skills in the shooter. This course begins with an initial qualification test. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase his skill level with a Tactical Shotgun and ends with a final Man vs. Man Steel shooting event that names the top shooter of the course.

  • Police 3-5-10 Day Gunfighter Course
  • 5 Day Police Designated Marksman Course
  • 5-10-20 Day Tactical Police Sniper/Observer Course
  • 3-5 Day Aerial Platform Sniper Course
  • 5-10-20 Day CQB/ High Risk Warrant /Active Shooter Course
  • 3-5 Day Vehicle Interdiction Course
  • Introduction to Protective Services Detail Course (PSD)
  • Executive Protection Driving (5 Days)
  • High Risk Protective Security Detail (10 Days)
  • Drug Airfield Seizure and Interdiction Course

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