DOD Training Courses

All of our DOD courses are taught by former active duty members of the US Special Operations Command. A customized course can be prepared for your unit, we can travel to your duty station with our Mobile Training Team (MTT) and save your unit money. In order to prepare the best course for you and your unit, call our office and talk with our director in order to find the best approach to your training needs. We promise to make the training as realistic and relevant to your needs as possible. Remember, our goal is to get you where you need to be and to help you stay ahead, to meet new and changing situations. Firearms Training

Three Day Gunfighter TSE-NRBL-400

This training course develops a solid gunfighter mentality and skill set needed for integrating both primary and secondary weapons systems with focus on the Active Shooter Scenario. The student will exercise these skills in a variety of stressful shooting situations from daylight to nighttime shooting. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their skill level with the handgun and carbine. A comprehensive Combat Tactical Skills evaluation is given and measured results are stress induced.

  • Five Day Gunfighter TSE-NRBL-400
  • Ten Day Ultimate Gunfighter TSE-NRBL-500
  • Five Day Designated Marksman TSE-NRBL-400
  • Aerial Platform Marksmanship
  • Tactical Carbine
  • Tactical Pistol
  • Advanced Concealed Carry
  • Tactical Shotgun TSE-NRBL-100


The Introduction Sniper Course is a 5‐10-20 day course designed to teach sniper students the skills needed to conduct Sniper/Observer duties in support of small unit operations. The course focuses on to two main areas of instruction sniper marksmanship and field craft. The courses consists of in‐depth instruction on marksmanship fundamentals, unknown distance shooting, moving target engagement, ballistics, limited visibility engagement, estimation, target detection,stalking, photography, information reporting and hide site construction.

Driver Training Courses

1 Day Intro To Driving Course TSE-NRBL-300

This course is perfect for a unit that has had no previous formal driving instruction. This course is a one, two, or three-day course that focuses on driving fundamentals, such as steering wheel input, straight line threshold braking, turning while braking and braking while turning. Vehicle dynamics for sedans is the concentration but can easily be adapted for the HUMVEE and High- center of Gravity vehicles such as Suburban’s and 15 Pac vans.

3 Day High Risk Evasive Driving Course TSE-NRBL-400

1/2 Day Off-Road Driving Course

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